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Guide to Dessert Table Décor

Updated: Jan 22

A wedding dessert table starts with beautiful desserts. One of the top questions I am asked by my couples is, "What should we provide for the dessert table?" Your carefully selected sweet treats will be the focus, of course, but your cake stands, dessert platters, and table-scape décor items will enhance the presentation of your wedding sweets table, upgrading dessert to an anticipated part of the wedding, instead of a afterthought. Read on for inspiration on how to decorate your wedding dessert table!

Stands and Platters

Start with choosing your stands and platters! When finding stands and platters, there are a few details to consider:

Texture + Color

Wood, marble, metal glass, porcelain, slate. Each material creates a different vibe. Wood can bring a rustic feel, while marble and metal are very modern. Glass and porcelain can bring elegance to the table, while