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Guide to Dessert Table Décor

Updated: Jan 22

A wedding dessert table starts with beautiful desserts. One of the top questions I am asked by my couples is, "What should we provide for the dessert table?" Your carefully selected sweet treats will be the focus, of course, but your cake stands, dessert platters, and table-scape décor items will enhance the presentation of your wedding sweets table, upgrading dessert to an anticipated part of the wedding, instead of a afterthought. Read on for inspiration on how to decorate your wedding dessert table!

Stands and Platters

Start with choosing your stands and platters! When finding stands and platters, there are a few details to consider:

Texture + Color

Wood, marble, metal glass, porcelain, slate. Each material creates a different vibe. Wood can bring a rustic feel, while marble and metal are very modern. Glass and porcelain can bring elegance to the table, while slate can exude an edgy moodiness.

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Height + Shape

Elevate your sweets with a couple extra stands of differing heights to place on either side of the cake, or use tiered cupcake stands and shelving to pile desserts high! Playful oval platters or sleek angular trays? This is where deciding on a material comes in handy. If you choose to go with all matching porcelain, you can choose all different shapes of platters and stands. If you want to mix materials, for example, go for a nice selection of wood and marble platters, consider going with all circular marble and all rectangular wood too keep it looking sharp. If you choose platters of a singular shape, multiple heights can help add dimension to really show off those sweets!

INTHE KNOW: The only rule I give couples is to always make sure your cake stand is level, able to hold weight, and has a flat surface area 2" to 4" larger than the bottom tier of your cake. That will ensure your cake is well supported. With that being the only boundary, the style options are endless!

Table Decorations

My eyes light up when I see that there are decorations for me to finish the table with! I have collected some of my favorite table top décor from the past year:

A Table Runner + Fresh Flowers or Greenery

These are great to add pops of color and life to your table! Satin, chiffon, or gauze runners are a beautiful addition to tie into any colors that you have occurring in your table settings, like colorful napkins or chargers, and floral arrangements at the dinner tables.

Lights or Candles

Light a few votive candles to enkindle romance, illuminate the table with twinkly fairy lights, or hang lights behind the dessert table (TIP: lights behind the dessert table makes a great bokeh effect in photos). Some ways to display candles are tall candlesticks, small candles floating in large pillar vases of water, votive holders with cutouts so the light glows through, and metallic holders.


Tempt your guests with a sign detailing the flavors of your desserts or charm them with a sweet message.

Unique décor

Sentimental items, like a cute picture frame with collection of photos of you and your partner, a collection of bud vases with fresh flowers, license plates from your home states, or antlers from a hunting trip you took together, can bring a personal touch to the table.

Your wedding cake and dessert table should be as pretty as your dinner tables! It's the perfect opportunity to bring a touch of you, as a newlywedded couple, while your guests serve themselves a plate of beautiful desserts. I hope this blog helps you get creative with your wedding sweets table!

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