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Inside a Cake Tasting & Consultation

Updated: May 29

You did it, you're

engaged! You found your partner in crime and can already taste the cake and bubbly- but wait, there's actually a lot that goes into planning your wedding cake! No worries, I'm going to walk you through it. Pick up your forks and let's have a tasting!

The Basics of a Cake Tasting and Consultation

Wedding Details

During your tasting and consultation, we begin with covering the basic information and details about your wedding day, such as your wedding date, timeline, venue, and guest count. Once I have confirmed I have your date available, next I'll I need to know your venue location and wedding day timeline (including your ceremony, reception, and cake cutting times). This helps me determine my delivery window and how long your cake or desserts can safely stay out on display before your cake cutting, without needing to be refrigerated. Finally, an estimated guest count helps me figure out which cake sizes would suit your needs.

IN THE KNOW: Because the cake consultation may take place early on in wedding planning, your wedding day timeline may not be set in stone yet and you likely won't have your final guest list yet, which is 100% okay! Delivery time and sizing is something we can update later on.

Your Wedding Vendors

Once we have the basics down, I love to find out what vendors you have already booked (and enjoy giving knowledgeable recommendations when prompted!). Knowing the styles of your other vendors is important to me when conceptualizing your cake.

Cake Design

Share Your Wedding Mood Board

If you have a wedding coordinator, you may already have a mood board. If not, I encourage couples to sit down before their consultation and create a Pinterest board with wedding inspiration, including floral arrangements, table settings, colors, textures, décor that you have in mind, and, of course, wedding cakes! This helps me make your cake dreams come true. I have a gallery of some of my past wedding cakes and dessert tables for inspiration as well!

What to Expect During Our Consultation

We will talk over which colors, textures, and other details you want to incorporate to customize your cake design. We'll also go over the best medium and techniques (buttercream, mirror glaze, piping, painting, etc.) for me to use to create your dream wedding cake. We will also go over any non-edible items you have or will be ordering, like fresh flowers or a cake topper, which I will need to apply upon delivery.

Choosing Cake Flavors

Deconstructed Cake Tasting

Many of my wedding couples say that their most anticipated and favorite part of wedding planning is the cake tasting, as it should be! While some bakeries offer cupcakes and frostings or half-size wedding cake slices to taste, if you plan to do a wedding cake tasting with me, you will see that I prefer to do my tastings deconstructed. The benefit of deconstructed tastings is being able to taste the individual parts that make up a slice of cake (cake, filling, and frosting) separately and being able to mix and match those three parts as you taste. You get to open a box full of fun, custom flavor combinations!

Most couples choose flavors from my Specialty Cakes menu for a solid place to start, but you can also choose your own flavor combinations.

Additional Desserts

If you are interested in a dessert table to go alongside or in favor of the wedding cake, we will talk over the types of desserts you would like, the range of flavors you have in mind, and how to best incorporate those into a cohesive dessert table. We will also chat about the best way to break down the number of servings of cake vs. desserts to ensure you and your guests get to celebrate with a sweet treat! During the consultation is a great time to ask any questions you have about food sensitivities, the options I offer to accommodate them, and my process to prevent cross contamination.

Pricing and Quote

Where it all comes together. Once we have covered all of the details, I can formulate a quote for you. I price cakes and dessert bars by the serving, based on the cake flavor/design and your dessert bar items. Your quote will include a delivery/set up fee, if applicable, which includes my time to bring the cake to your venue, decorate the dessert table with the items you have provided, apply any non-edible items to the cake, and set out your desserts. From this point, we will move into talking about payments and contracts - the technical side of booking my services.

The main thing to remember is to enjoy the process, open up, and let your vendors get to know you! Cutting into your wedding cake is one of the first challenges that you will tackle as a couple (tiered cake, four hands, two utensils, good plan, right?). In all seriousness, my greatest cakes have bloomed from the combination of a solid foundation of details, great communication, and working with couples who trust me to take care of them <3

Save my cheat sheet below to prep for your cake consultation!

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