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Micro-Wedding Inspiration: Mini cakes and mini dessert table options for foodie couples

Updated: Jan 22

Whether you are planning a pandemic elopement, are simply shy in front of big groups, or crave a small intimate celebration of love, the micro-wedding is for you! When hosting a limited number of guests and having a short ceremony and reception, you may be questioning which components to include to make your condensed wedding feel enchanting. Sweet treats have always played a special part in celebrations, but wedding cakes serve more purpose than simply cutting and serving. The cake cutting is symbolic and traditional, makes for fun photos, can be an eye-catching custom part of your décor, and is one of the most anticipated parts for your wedding guests! Even with a downsized wedding, there are multiple dessert options to consider. Read on to see my favorite micro-wedding cake and dessert options!

The Mini Two-Tier

Mini two-tier cakes are perfect for a micro wedding with up to 25 guests. It may be small in size, but can still be a delicious, eye catching design element to make your wedding stand out. Choose a fun flavor, custom design, rent or buy a great cake stand and viola! You have a piece of art on display. You can even have it set up on your sweetheart table in place of other items like candles or vase of flowers, to keep your "extra" décor to a minimum while still making an impact. The mini 2 tier gives your décor a boost, allows you to have the traditional cake cutting ceremony and photos, and serve your guests a sweet treat in your favorite flavor. Yes, please!

The Dessert Table

Dessert tables are a beautiful addition to any size wedding, but they are an especially great option for a wedding with 6-50 guests, as well as for a wedding taking place at any time of day.

Morning elopement? Order a small collection of breakfast yummies like muffins, coffee cake, and mini cinnamon rolls to serve your guests. Add a coffee bar or DIY mimosa bar to compliment the sweets. Afternoon wedding? Go for pick me up sweets like mini tiramisu dessert cups, cute cupcakes, and drop cookies. For a late evening wedding, a variety of elegant mini desserts like mini cheesecakes, cream puffs and macarons is perfect finish off the night with a sweet bite.